May 23, 2007

Help with movie titles

Have a movie you would really like to see again but can't quite remember the title? If you can supply only a portion of the information about it, such as who starred in it and the general plot, chances are that we can give you that movie title and tell you whether it is available on video.

Now you can do title searches for the best deals on DVDs.  Please use our affiliate service from the above banner.

TIPS - Be sure you have correct spelling or the search won't be accurate.
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We have had several notices of "hard-to-find" videos being offered at auctions.
You might want to check those sites periodically

I have been providing this free movie research service for several years now, but it has recently become too time consuming. I will continue to provide this service for a fee. If you need my help, I can be reached at Click on contact at the bottom of the home page. For those who have appreciated my work, many thanks.